Aimsir Farm Tour

Savour a unique farm to plate experience.

A true homage to the Irish larder, Aimsir celebrates everything that can be grown, foraged, and harvested on its verdant land and bountiful sea. Offering an insider’s view into this meticulously crafted production process, the Aimsir Farm Tour is an experience like no other.

In presenting a complete garden to plate experience, this one-of-a-kind tour provides unique insights into the sumptuous spread served at Aimsir. It begins with a walk through the restaurant’s garden beds, which are home to a myriad of fresh herbs. Our expert gardeners will then guide you to a series of polytunnels, where seasonal vegetables are sown and nurtured. Here, you’d relish a sip of refreshing kombucha, while treating your eyes to a medley of vibrant hues.

This is followed by a relaxing stroll to the estate’s lush fields, where the budding samplings flourish into tender, succulent produce. During the final stretch, you’ll encounter our furry friends reared on the farm, and our organic bee production amenities.

We look forward to the next release of reservations following a formal announcement on the exciting next chapter for AIMSIR.

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