Honey Harvest

Delicious local honey from Cliff at Lyons honeybees
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Honey Harvest

Cliff at Lyons' Honey Harvest

Brian McElvaney – Head Beekeeper Cliff at Lyons.

After borrowing a beekeeping book from the library that he couldn’t fully understand at age 10, the spark was lit and Brian eventually started keeping bees over 20 years later. What started out as curiosity and a little hobby has expanded to fill Brian’s time managing hives and bees, producing honey and working with study groups to help other beekeepers increase their knowledge and pass beekeeping exams!  Brian is lucky to have a very patient wife and two very patient sons!

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“The bees at Lyons are a great way to tell the story of the role of the honeybee and being able to supply delicious local honey is a very nice bonus!”

Brian McElvaney Head Beekeeper

Three small hives were brought to Cliff at Lyons in May 2018 and to the delight of our beekeeper produced a Summer honey harvest.

The summer honey was quite a light honey but with more depth to the flavour than you would be used to from the supermarket. Bramble (blackberry) nectar is an important contribution to most Irish Summer honey but this was also a very good year for clover and its nectar gave the honey a lighter colour. Each honey crop has its own subtleties and I can’t quite pin-point it but I’m sure that the 200 metres of flowering Escallonia hedging between the hotel and the estate have influenced this one – the whole hedge was buzzing during its peak. in a 100 pollen grain sample for the honey, it was 80% White clover, 10% Lime, 5% Bramble, 3% Vetch and 2% Gorse.


Honey Recipes

Try our honey recipes, created by Cliff at Lyons chefs. 

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(Serves 4 people)

For peach

1 litre White Wine

500g of Sugar

100g Estate Honey

Boil wine, sugar and honey add whole peach and cook for 8 minutes take off the heat and leave in poaching liquid to cool

For lavender and honey parfait

300g of Egg Yolks

300g Estate Honey

2 Lavender tips finely chopped

600g of Cream

5 leaves of Gelatine


Put egg yolks, Estate honey and lavender in round stainless-steel bowl and place over pot of boiling water (Bain Marie)

Whisk and cook until size has grown 10fold and mix looks really light and airy

Add gelatine to small amount of cold water until softens to jelly like squeeze out water add to egg honey and lavender mix while still hot leave the mix over a pan of cold or iced water until room temperature

Whip cream until yoghurt like and add to egg, lavender and gelatine mix using a spoon to fold in place in moulds or cling film lined bread tin and freeze

For serving heat peach in oven for 5 minutes remove parfait and place on plate when peach is hot brush with Estate honey and serve.


(Serves 4 people)

600g Organic salmon

For the cure

500ml of Juiced Beetroots

60g of Table salt

30g of Caster Sugar

Zest of 1 Lemon

For pickles

300ml Chardonnay vinegar

150ml Sugar

1 stem of Dill

Vegetables of choice

For Honey Caviar

80ml of Water

120ml Estate Honey

5g agar

300ml of oil (ice cold)


1. Mix all ingredients for cure and rest salmon in the liquid for 12 hours after 12 hours turn and leave for 12 more make sure salmon is submerged.

2. After 24 hours salmon should be firm to touch. Rinse with cold water and put on tray with cloth underneath and place in fridge until time to serve

3. For pickle boil vinegar and sugar until sugar is dissolved add dill and leave to cool. Once pickle liquid is cooled pour over cooked vegetables of your choice and place in jar for 2 day and keep in cool place.


4. Put honey and water in pot and bring to the boil add agar and whisk until dissolved. Put into squeezy bottle or syringe and slowly add drops to ice cold oil which will form caviar strain from oil and put on tray ready to be served.

5. Portion salmon into even portions and plate. Put pickles caviar on herbs with artistic freedom and eat.


(Serves 2 people)

1 large Duck

2 leeks

1 bag dried sour cherries

1 litre of black tea

1 jar CLIFF honey


For the Duck

Take on large Duck Crown season with salt and a small bit of cooking oil place in a hot frying pan and colour skin on both breast sides until golden Brown

Place in a pre-heated oven at 180degrees C and cook for 12-15 minutes brush with cliff honey when removing from oven leave to rest in warm place for 5 minutes

For leeks

Cut leeks so that they fit into large frying pan. Heat Pan place leek in and colour one side of leek add 50g of butter 200ml of vegetable stock and cover with butter paper or foil cook for 15 minutes until soft through.

For Cherry Puree

Boil 1 litre of water pour over 4 black teabags leave to infuse for 3 minutes take out teabags and pour over dried sour cherries leave for 2 hours.

Strain off liquid from cherries but keep liquid. Put cherries into blender or bullet/smoothie maker blitz until smooth puree if you need to add a little of the tea to lighten add little by little. Pass through fine sieve


(Serves 4 people)

For sweet pastry

Soft white flour 500g

Corn flour 40g

Egg 85g

Butter 300g

Icing sugar 225g

For Filling

Estate Honey 448g

Zest and juice of 1 lemon

8 eggs


Mix butter and sugar until light and creamed. Add eggs and then cornflour and flour mix until combined.

Roll until 5mm thick. Line a greased 10inch tart case with pastry. Bake at 150 degrees C until pastry is crisp and biscuit like.

Whisk all filling ingredients until well combined. Cook in prebaked tart case at 120degrees C for 40 minutes.


35 mls Gin

20 mls Estate Honey

20 mls Lime Juice

3 Sprigs of Rosemary


1. Into the mixing glass add the gin, estate honey and lime juice with some ice

2. Shake and fine strain into a small martini glass.

3. Garnish with a lime wedge or twist and a rosemary spring.

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