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The power of word of mouth doesn’t just sustain us at Cliff at Lyons; it goes to the heart of what we do and why.

By ensuring your event runs smoothly, be it a high-profile business event, or an active corporate retreat, we know you will recommend us to friends. That’s why testimonials matter to us. From one good event comes another, and so our reputation rolls.

On request, we will happily provide a book of quotes and thank you letters that we have received following every successful event — testimonials that acknowledge this picturesque rural idyll, which is so well loved in Ireland for its private, intimate feel.

Together with our excellent tailor-made service and dining, Cliff at Lyons promises to deliver a truly unique and memorable day for everyone involved.

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Bargeman of the Grand Canal
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“This venue has the best food I have had in any venue. The venue itself is amazing, all of the accommodation is completely different, varying from modern hotel suite to old cottages.”

“I am working organising events for 8 years and have stayed in all the 5 star hotels across the country (its part of my job), but without a shadow of a doubt, this venue is by far the best venue I have had an event in.”

“What makes a venue?
 Service, food, accommodations, atmosphere and uniqueness. It ticks all the boxes.”

“This venue is of course perfect for a wedding, but it is also great for the smaller intimate corporate events.”

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