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Clocks at Cliff at Lyons

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One thing you may notice as you walk through the restored village is the numerous clocks that punctuate your journey. These clocks remind us of the significant historical timelines that are synonymous with Lyons past.


“The Georgian mansion at Lyons was built in 1797 by Nicholas Lawless, whose son Valentine was twice imprisoned in the Tower of London for Irish Republican sympathies.”


“The village took shape 30 years later, around the site the old mill and one of the Grand Canal’s historic double locks.”


“The entire estate was bought by University College Dublin in 1962 to be used as farmland for agricultural students. The buildings were left to fall into disrepair.”


“Tony Ryan, of Ryanair fame, bought the estate in 1996 and began redeveloping the dilapidated village. He died in 2007 and was interred in the Lyons chapel.”


“CLIFF bought the village at Lyons in January 2016, reopening it as a hotel in July of the same year.”

Lyons Tales


Bargeman of the Grand Canal
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