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The Mill Lounge

A relaxed, country classic lunch
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The Mill Lounge

The Mill Lounge, nestled within the confines of Cliff at Lyons, offers an impeccable blend of culinary innovation and the finest seasonal produce. Reflecting the estate’s commitment to elevating contemporary dining experiences, the midweek lunch menu is a testament to Chef Sean Smith’s mastery in infusing classic dishes with a unique twist. Every bite tells a story of meticulous sourcing, with many ingredients plucked straight from the estate’s gardens, ensuring a farm-to-table freshness that is second to none.

Among the menu’s highlights, diners can indulge in timeless favourites like the Crispy Cajun Chicken Burger, expertly crafted with a blend of spices that tantalise the taste buds. For those seeking a more indulgent option, Chef Smith’s renowned Ribeye Steak promises a succulent journey of flavour, perfectly grilled to perfection. Tuck into your scrumptious meals, paired with an artisanal cocktail, curated by our expert sommelier.

Whether it’s a leisurely midweek escape or a business lunch with esteemed delegates, The Mill Lounge offers an inviting ambiance and a menu that promises to satisfy discerning palates, leaving guests eagerly anticipating their next visit.


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