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Sink into the sheer luxury of our elegant bedrooms and charming countryside cottages.

Lily Pond Rooms

Overlooking the estate's main water feature, our Lily Pond rooms are 11 in number. Stylishly furnished in period-styled antiques and imbued with country charm, they possess a sense of uninterrupted tranquillity.

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Estate Bedrooms

Enveloped amidst elegant wisteria-clad walls and adorned in simple, yet sophisticated décor, our estate bedrooms present a picture of sheer luxury.

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Love One Cottage

A plush cottage encircled by canal and lilypond views and decked with exquisite Parisian interiors. Enfolded within Love One are two idyllic bedrooms, three bathrooms, and an impressive lounge.

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La Forge Cottage

From panoramic views of rolling fields and trickling streams to warm, picturesque nooks, a majestic foyer, and a quaint dining hall this two-bedroom cottage captures opulence in every corner.

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Rhode Island

Cradled at the heart of Cliff at Lyons is Rhode Island - a two-bedroom storybook cottage with spacious hallways, three bathrooms, and a well manicured garden terrace.

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Turret's Cottage

Turrets features a charming Dutch half-door that reveals an incredibly magnificent cottage. Quaint kitchen and dining spaces lead to a breathtakingly beautiful lounge with two bedrooms concealed behind a secret recess.

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Shackleton House

Tucked away in a cosy corner of Mill Square, Shackleton House retains the distinct character of the 19th-century Lyons Village. Perfumed with the heady scents of rose and lavender, this marvellous lodge is steeped in romance. Nestled within Shackleton's bounds are a private garden, large dining and kitchen areas, and gorgeous bedrooms with four-poster beds.

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