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Bask in the enchantment of Kildare's untamed beauty.

Enveloped amid lush, rolling fields Mill Garden and Terrace are truly spectacular. Enlivened by the gurgling waterfall and lilting melodies of birds, this venue captures magic in every corner. Dotted with vibrant bursts of colour in the summer, there’s no better place for a stunning outdoor dining experience.

Mill Garden and Terrace offer the following capacities:

  • Mill Garden – 40
  • Mill Terrace – 100

Upon arrival, indulge your senses in sheer luxury with:

  • Bespoke Menus
  • Spacious, Outdoor Dining Facilities
  • Sommelier-curated Wine List
  • Access to Lyons Den and Mezzanine Lounge

For more information, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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